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Exam Ethics Marshals International is a global non-governmental, not-for-profit membership  organization of trained and certified ethics-friendly education stakeholders committed: to code of ethical  self-regulation and discipline in their duty posts; to unwavering insistence on best practices in their  spheres of operational and leadership influence; and to being models and mentors to pupils, students  and colleagues. The Movement stands on three legs: Exam Ethics Marshals; Exam Ethics Students and  Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institutions.

The Marshal Movement is an outstanding success story in terms of mobilizing ethics-friendly education  stakeholders to volunteer, bond and work together to promote best practices in admission, teaching,  examination, certification, registration and regulation processes in education.

We need to do more to achieve the vision of planting chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam  Ethics  Student Clubs in every primary, secondary and tertiary education institution in the world. Visit  www.examethicstraining.com to train and  join.

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