Boiled down to its core essence, Exam Ethics Campaign to promote exam ethics and combat exam malpractice is a matter of life and death. Unqualified, incompetent and unethical leaders, professionals and workers being produced and licensed through exam malpractice are committing fatal errors that are destroying lives and dreams.


The disastrous consequences include: loss of lives due to fatal errors by licensed but incompetent medical professionals; loss of lives and property due to collapse of buildings constructed or being constructed by certified but incompetent building professionals; failed projects administered by certified but incompetent and corrupt public officers; sex-for-grade malpractice by incompetent and corrupt lecturers; miscarriage of justice by incompetent and corrupt cash-and-carry judicial officers; debilitating underdevelopment, mass poverty and loss of lives due to grand corruption; insider-enabled fraud and scams in financial institutions and other corporate bodies.


Report of investigations by professional bodies and regulatory agencies and judgements of courts of competent jurisdictions confirm that most of these quack, incompetent and corrupt officials and professionals are products of exam malpractice and academic dishonesty.


The only way to stop the tragic and fatal circle of consequences is to end exam malpractice and academic dishonesty through which they are licensed and certified. Once they acquire “authentic” certificates and licenses of accredited institutions through exam malpractice, it becomes difficult to stop them until somebody dies.


As confirmed by past fatalities of medical errors, collapsed buildings, failed projects, cash-and-carry judiciary and journalism, fake professors and sex-for-grade lecturers, grand corruption, fraud and scams, anybody can be pay the price of exam malpractice with his life, business or asset or that of relations, friends and colleagues. And no person knows who will be the victim of the next victim.


This is why we seek your support to sustain the exam ethics campaign and end the scourge of exam malpractice and academic dishonesty; to implement the projects and programs including enlisting more ethics-friendly education stakeholders as Marshals, establishing more chapters of exam ethics marshals and students in institutions across Africa; building capacity for ethics and integrity; distribution of  best practices books; implementing attitudinal transformation publicity campaigns in favor of exam ethics and against exam malpractice. 


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