Exam Ethics Marshals International

Promoting Best Practices In Education Since 1996.


Our Mission and our Vision

Exam Ethics Marshals International is a global non-governmental, not-for-profit membership organization of trained and certified ethics-friendly education stakeholders committed: to code of ethical self-regulation and discipline in their duty posts; to unwavering insistence on best practices in their spheres of operational and leadership influence; and to being models and mentors to pupils, students and colleagues. The Movement stands on three legs: Exam Ethics Marshals; Exam Ethics Students and Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institutions.


The specific mission of the Movement is to inspire ethics-friendly education stakeholders to bond and work individually and collectively as an army of Exam Ethics Marshals, Students, and Institutions to promote ethics, integrity, and best practices in education and combat exam malpractice, academic dishonesty, and corruption in education.


The Exam Ethics Marshals Movement was founded on the vision of facilitating education systems capable of producing citizens, professionals and workforce with character to shun corruption and learning and capacity to deliver transformation.

Exam Ethics Members


Exam Ethics Conferences and Summits are organized on various themes to provide platform for Marshals and diverse range of stakeholders to exchange ideas and experiences; update knowledge on global best practices; review impact of campaign initiatives; inspire and motivate stakeholders to sustain the campaign in their spheres of leadership and operational influence; enlist new members; etc. The Conferences, organized in collaboration with friend and partner agencies, cover a wide range of themes including: exam ethics, good governance, anti-corruption, leadership, management, safe school, campus safety, contract administration, etc. Marshals serve as resource persons for best practices programmes and for education integrity initiatives.



Explore the range of resources and books to guide you on exam ethics. Contact us for details on supplying them to you or your institution.

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